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What are DC Gear Motors, and How Do They Work?


A DC Gear Motor is a revolutionary equipment that is designed to produce high torque at reduced speeds. The motor has a gearbox that performs the task of reducing the speed in such a way that the torque output is increased. The brushless motor with gearbox is often used in robotics, automobiles, and average- to small-sized motoring applications. Due to the tremendous benefits, it offers, a DC Gear Motor has become popular in different applications.

Different Types of DC Gear Motors

A brushless DC motor with gearbox can be found in different types based on its unique characteristics. Below is a list of different types of gear motors:

  • Planetary Gear DC Motors
  • Helical Gear DC Motors
  • Bevel Gear DC Motors
  • Right-Angle Gear DC Motors
  • Parallel Shaft DC Motors
  • Hypoid Gear DC Motors
  • Cycloidal Gear DC Motors
  • Flat Gear DC Motors
  • Spur Gear DC Motors
  • Worm Gear DC Motors

Increasing Applications of DC Gear Motors

DC Gear Motors reduce the complexity of operations as they provide necessary torque at reduced speeds. Due to their unique mechanism, they have the potential to provide countless benefits to users. As a result, every year, the scope of DC gear motors is increasing and new designs are entering the market. Below are some popular applications of brushless motor gear devices:

  • Woodworking enterprises
  • Railway transport
  • Mechanical engineering enterprises
  • Agriculture
  • Metallurgical plants
  • Mining industry
  • Light industry
  • Domestic Appliance (Electric shavers, mixers etc.)

The strongest USP of gear box motor dc is their ability to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy in compact spaces. Even in the domestic appliance industry, we are seeing an increased use of these motors. However, most DC gear motors used in domestic applications have a hybrid design, which is a combination of plastic and metal. Although plastic does reduce the durability of the motor, it makes motor operations more practical in households where sound can be an issue. 

Working Mechanism of DC Gear Motors

Direct current power is used by DC gear motors for their operation. As mentioned before, in a DC gear motor, the output speed can be reduced, which leads to an increase in the torque value. Adding a gearhead to the motor lowers the speed while enhancing torque output. The torque of the DC motor gear box can be obtained via the structure of the gearboxes that are connected with each other.

The main function of a DC-geared motor is to rotate the final required shaft at a designated RPM, which is slower than that of the motor. With this reduced RPM, the DC motor turns into a high-torque geared DC motor, which can apply greater torque to the shaft.

The core principle of gear box motor is that when an electric current passes through the rotor via the commutator, it rotates because of the magnetic field. This rotational force can be utilized to do mechanical work. 

Important parameters of gear motors:

  • Speed (rpm)
  • Torque (lb-in) 
  • Efficiency (%)

Each application of brushless motor gearbox has specific requirements for speed, torque and efficiency. For best operation, one should first calculate the load, speed and torque requirements according to the application as it can help you selecting the most ideal gear motor for your application. Moreover, brushless motor with gearbox encoder helps save production time. Many motion control applications use encoders for translating the position, or motion of a shaft to analog or digital signal outputs.

Advantages of Using DC Gear Motors

If you buy quality DC gear motors from top motor gearbox manufacturers, you can enjoy the many benefits these motors offer. Have a look at some of the advantages:

  1. Greater Efficiency

These motors provide greater efficiency in converting electrical energy into mechanical power. The reduction gearing installed in these motors allows them to operate in a more efficient range of speeds.

  1. Bidirectional Operation

DC gear motors can start rotation in the opposite direction by reversing the polarity of the applied voltage, which offers bidirectional motion control.

  1. Compactness of Design

It is easy to design compact motors that fit into tight spaces, which makes them suitable for applications that have size restrictions.

  1. Dependable Motors

When maintained properly, DC gear motors have a long operational lifespan. Due to their durability and longevity, these motors are considered worthwhile long-term investments.

  1. Self-locking and Quiet Operation

Worm gear DC motors come with a self-locking property that stops the output shaft from moving when it is not plugged into power. It is a great feature in applications that require holding of load. Similarly, helical gear DC motors have smooth teeth that ensure quieter operations.

  1. Customization as Per Your Requirement

It is possible to buy customized motors from seasoned electric motor gearbox manufacturers. Top manufacturers can even help you design a motor as per your desired motor’s specifications, including gear ratio, voltage, and shaft type, which can help you meet specific application requirements.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, these motors are also low on maintenance, economical and offer precise control for various applications.


DC Gear Motors have taken the industry by storm as they offer greater value at a reduced price point. These motors are evolving and their applications are increasing in scope. However, if you want to make the most of these motors, you need to ensure that you procure quality units from a trusted manufacturer. Buying these motors from reputed electric motor gearbox manufacturers is vital as you generate higher cost savings and reduce the number of machine breakdown incidents. 

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